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Ciao! My name is Raffaele and I am an authorized tour guide. I got a BA in Archaeology and History of Art with a dissertation on burials ad sanctos; after that, I took a MA in Archaeology and History of Art with a dissertation on the imperial and late roman amphoras from the Catacomb of San Gennaro in Naples, both degrees are from University of Naples Federico II. Through these studies I found commercial relationship within Naples and the other cities along the Mediterrean Sea during the Roman Empire. I obtained also the Diploma in Archaeology of Scuola di Specializzazione at University of Campania (Naples). I am running now a project for the restoration of an ancient Pompeii's building and its opening to the public.

- I did many archaeological surveys and excavations throughout Italy: Molise, Rome, Napoli, Pompei, Pollena Trocchia, Cimitile, Sorrento.

- I am also the owner of the project "Naples Grand Tour", a team of guides all specialized in archaeology, history, art and local culture!

I travelled a lot, living for two years in London where I worked as conservator-restorer for the HMS Belfast better known as Imperial War Museum. Both travels and the experience of living abroad have made me understand how lucky I am to live in Naples! It's a city with a unique charm, where you can breathe history and art in every street corner, a place where people's energies are so strong and powerful that you can feel at home everywhere and in every moment of the day. A city, maybe, one of the most important in Europe and Italy, an unformed diamond waiting to be crafted.

My strongest passion are archaeology and art. I love my land and I could not choose better job than this, where I can show the beauties, the story, the archaeology, the art, I can tell the tales and legends, I can bring you through the secret and veiled wonders of this place.

Perhaps there's art in my DNA, or maybe I was born in the art. When I was a child, I was fascinated staring at my father when he was painting, watching colors mixing between themselves on a canvas, tasting theirs smell.

I love my job as a tour guide so much to get excited all the time! Meeting new people is a power skill of this job.

If you are not looking for a common tour guide, but you're looking for an archaeologist and art historian then you are in the right profile!


Napoli, Pompei, Caserta, Pozzuoli, Amalfi, Capri, Sorrento, Ercolano, Ischia,Vesuvio,Costiera
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