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My name is Benedetta, I graduated in Art History and years ago, I left my Lombardy because suddenly Florence seemed to me the only possible destination to make my dream come true: to transmit the passion for art and beauty through word. There are many people who still link the guided tour to a boring list of names of people, places and dates recited by little involved guides ... nothing further from my idea of ​​the path! It will be a real pleasure for me to accompany you to the museums and places of Florence that the whole world envies us (Uffizi, Galleria dell'Accademia, Centro storico and many others), as well as sewing tailor-made itineraries for you to discover hidden corners and stories intriguing characters from a near and distant past.
But since I know very well that we do not live only on art, each visit will be a dip in the traditions, parties, cuisine, ways of life, in short, in the local color of magical Florence, which neither Wikipedia nor a printed guide will ever return .
For a weekend away, a school trip, a getaway for two or, why not, a birthday with friends are the guide you are looking for!


Centro città, Gallerie degli Uffizi, Galleria dell'Accademia, Musei di Palazzo Pitti, Chiese cittadine, tour Oltrarno, ecc.

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Review title: Grazie Benedetta
scritto da , il 23 Aug 2020 alle 14:32
Non pensavo di dover passare due giorni da favola, grazie alla guida Benedetta PILLA che è stata fantastica nel spiegare minuziosamente tutti i quadri che abbiamo visto alla galleria degli Uffizi. La spiegazione dei quadri erano talmente realistiche che ci sembrava di stare in quel periodo . Un saluto alla bravissima guida. Grazie Benedetta
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