Poseidonia was founded by the Greeks at the end of the 7th century BC. The name was related to the Greek god Poseidon, protector of the sea. This archaeological area is now one of the best preserved cities from the times of Greek colonization. We will go to discover the evolution of this ancient city from the Greeks to the Romans through the ruins of temples dedicated to Athena, Hera, Apollo and Zeus. In Paestum there is also an incredible National Museum that show us some of the most important artifacts of Greek and Roman times, where is possible to see the painted Tomb of the Diver, a masterpiece of 2500 years ago. Poseidonia/Paestum is a wonderfull cultural heritage protected by the UNESCO.


The tour is divided in two parts. During the visit of Archeological Area I'll show you the Ruins of the temples, the Heroon (the tomb of the mythical founder Hero of the Greek city), the Roman Forum and the Roman residential area. In the National Museum I'll explain you the stone frieze that decorated the temple of Hera, some artifacts produced as offerings for gods, armor and weapons of Roman warriors and the painting tombs.


Meeting location: Paestum at the entrance of the National Archaeological Museum
Language: Italiano
Tour Price: 120€
Duration: 02:00 hours


Guided walking tour, possibility to organize private transfers from your accommodation to the archaeological site of Paestum

What’s Included

Private archaeological guide
Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Russo, Cinese
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Archeologo & Guida Turistica Regione Campania
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Archeologo Specializzato
Scavi archeologici di Pompei ed Ercolano, Napoli, Capri, Costiera Amalfitana, Salerno (itinerari per "Luci d'Artista"), Paestum, Velia, Reggia di Caserta, Certosa di Padula, Campi Flegrei, Benevento... Contattami e organizzeremo tour su misura in base alle tue esigenze e i tuoi desideri!
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