It is right in the Phlegraean Fields, the so-called Fields of Fire, that rised the oldest Greek colony in the West, Cuma, founded by the Greeks at the end of the 8th B.C. Here we will visit the Sibyl's Cave, a place where the prophetess gave her oracles, and then we'll climb the acropolis where the remains of the temples of Apollo and Jupiter are preserved. In Pozzuoli we will visit the promontory of Rione Terra where in II B.C. the Romans founded a commercial port that soon became a rich town with temples, thermal baths and an amphitheatre. Baia, considered by the Romans to be a holiday resort, was famous for its majestic spa complexes, which can still be visited today in the Archaeological Park. Not far away is the Archaeological Museum, which houses the most significant finds to reconstruct the history of the Phlegraean Fields. Bacoli, finally, is famous for the so-called Piscina Mirabilis, a colossal cistern built as the terminal of the great Augustan aqueduct of Serino, made for the water supply of the imperial fleet.


Itinerary of choise between the archaeological sites of Cuma, Pozzuoli, Baia and Bacoli.


Language: Inglese
Tour Price: 150€
Duration: 02:30 hours


Meeting point with the guide onsite.

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Private guided tour.
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