Lucca is enclosed by massive red brick walls which help to give the city its special character by shutting out traffic and the modern world. Buil in 1504-1645 the walls are among the best preserved Renaissance defences in Europe.Within these walls, Lucca is a peaceful city of narrows lanes, preserve intact its original ancient Roman street plan. Our Promenade runs along the top of the city walls, It is a delightful walk with fine views of the the town , including glimpses into private gardens and military basements when it is possible. Do not miss this chance to visit an other treasure of Tuscany.


1) S.Donato 2) BALUARDO DI S. Maria 3) B. S.Colombano 4) B. S.Regolo 5) B. Della Libertà 6) : della Libertà 7) Porta Elisa e Casa del Boia 8) B. S. Salvatore 9) B. S. Pietro 10 ) B. S. Martino 11) B. S. Frediano 12) B. S. Croce


Meeting location: Meeting point: Piazzale Verdi in front of the Tourism Office
End location: baluardo S, Croce. Bulwark of S. Croce
Language: Italiano
Data di inizio: Wednesday, 23 December 2020 alle 17:01
Data di fine: Tuesday, 23 November 2021 alle 17:02
Tour Price: 120€
Duration: 00:02 hours


Walking tour and bikes on demand

What’s Included

The price includes only the walking tour .Headphones and bikes excluded.
Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Tedesco, Spagnolo
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