You will visit ancient Pompeii, a 66-hectare Roman city buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. The city is a unique example for understanding the life of the Romans. Thanks to an archaeologist you will live an unforgettable experience to discover the most interesting places (such as typical houses, decorations, bathrooms, theaters, etc.) The tour usually starts around 9 in the morning or at 14 in the early afternoon two different times but the best to enjoy the atmosphere of the archaeological site. This excursion is recommended for families and also for lovers of photography and archeology, to prepare for a walk to discover Roman life.


A dive into the past to discover the ancient city and the lifestyle of the Romans, we will visit theaters, graffiti, a typical house with decorations, boutiques, typical restaurant, spa, paintings obtained with the liquid stone technique, one day intense that will help them understand the way of life of the Romans and why we have invented nothing today.


Meeting location: Meeting point will be directly to Pompei in piazza esedra by the hotel vittoria
End location: Tour will end by the same spot of the begenning
Language: Italiano
Data di inizio: Wednesday, 10 June 2020 alle 22:05
Tour Price: 135€
Duration: 03:00 hours


Buses, minivan, and other different kind of transportation are available on request.

What’s Included

Tour include guide service and a bottle of water doesn't include entrance fee
Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo
Guida Turistica Campania
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